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You deserve a team that cares as deeply about your finances as you do.

When it comes to your hard-earned money, it’s important to have a hyper-dedicated team that is seriously engaged in your financial future. For over 50 years, WDW has been guiding clients in building, protecting, and preserving wealth through a personalized approach that truly works. 

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Individuals & Families

WDW wants to partner with you to help formulate your goals and then help hold you accountable to the necessary steps to get there. We want to help you organize and simplify your financial life and proactively plan for your family’s future. 


Corporate retirement plans often get pushed aside for more urgent items on the to-do list. WDW can help business owners and companies understand the responsibility of having a corporate retirement plan and then design, implement and manage all aspects of the plan.


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Michael H. Westbrooks


David J. Dugger, CPA, CFP®


Stephen I. Falk, CFP®



Daniel Malone, CFP®



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