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Individuals & Families

Today, people are just plain busy.
Let us help.

WDW wants to partner with you to help formulate your goals and then help hold you accountable to the necessary steps to get there. We want to help you organize and simplify your financial life and proactively plan for your family’s future. Below are just some of the ways we serve individuals and families reach their financial goals.


How we help

Goal Planning

WDW can help clarify your goals and determine what it takes to achieve them.

Risk Management

Sometimes our most impactful role is to mitigate risk and help avoid the big pitfalls in your journey.

Tax Planning

Unfortunately taxes aren’t going away, so let’s implement strategies and plan for them.

Charitable Strategies

We love helping people use their money to bless charities, but there are strategies to do it well and perhaps even multiply the blessing.


We believe a well-organized and simplified plan is one you’ll more likely stick with.

Estate Planning

A thoughtful and intentional estate plan is a foundational piece of your financial plan.

Let's have a conversation

If you think WDW Financial might be the right fit for you, reach out and our team would be happy to discuss next steps.