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Does The Tortoise Actually Win?

Surely, you’ve heard the story of the tortoise and the hare.

The beloved life lesson yielding story of the over-confident rabbit and the humble turtle.  Spoiler alert:  The humble turtle wins.  Surely, this is can’t be a real-life story.  Everyone knows a rabbit is faster than a turtle.  How in the world could the turtle possibly win?  Herein lies the lesson.  The over-confident rabbit can be found throughout our current day society in so many aspects of our life.  Short cuts.  Quick fixes.  Easy routes.  They’re on nearly every billboard on our highways.  Don’t prepare a meal….get fast food.  Don’t develop and follow an exercise plan and a balanced diet….take a pill.  Don’t formulate a disciplined saving plan to prepare for your family future….buy a Powerball ticket.

So often in our practice we have the conversation about a long slow disciplined plan for saving with our clients and prospective clients.  Boring!  So is watching a turtle “run”.  We realize that many people would love for us to give them that inside secret or hot stock pick to give them the short cut to wealth.  It’s exciting to watch a rabbit run.  Well, the simple children’s book lesson holds true in so many areas of our lives.  The fast darting and resting, taking our eye off the goal, or being greedy, can cause us to miss our goal.  

When it comes to saving and planning for your family’s future, remember that short cuts and quick tricks rarely work and carry great risk.  Remember slow and steady won the race.

Picture of Michael H. Westbrooks

Michael H. Westbrooks

After college at Loyola and the University of North Texas, Michael served 11 years as a Plano firefighter. He officially joined WDW in 1992. Michael and his wife, Loree, have three teenage daughters. Michael runs or bikes whenever possible, competing in several races every year. Michael is heavily involved with the Dallas Life homeless ministry, having recently completed his term as board president.

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