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Our story

How it all began

WDW (Westbrooks Dugger & Westbrooks) Financial has been introducing individuals, families and companies to financial products and services for a long time, beginning with our founding partner, James Westbrooks.

The early years for James were spent between a cotton farm in Ben Hur and a cattle ranch in Valley Mills, Texas.  What he learned in that experience was the value of family and the necessity of hard work.

"the value of family and the necessity of hard work."

The opportunity to leave the cotton fields came when his father took a job in Waco as a salesman in the life insurance business. Bill Westbrooks stayed in the financial planning arena for the next 38 years as a full-time agent and even in retirement he continued to practice until his death in 1980.

The insurance business led Bill to move the family to Mississippi where he became the district manager for east Mississippi and west Alabama for American National Insurance Company.

Leaving Texas was not an easy decision for these long term Texans but led to great opportunities for James. Finishing high school in Meridian, Mississippi, he was offered scholarships in debate from several universities.

He chose Mississippi College and graduated there in 1964 with degrees in Economics and Public Address. After six years with Continental Can Company, he decided to follow his fathers’ footsteps into the financial planning business starting what is today WDW Financial.

Today, as a comprehensive financial company, we offer a broad range of services for both individuals and companies with the same friendly, personal approach that Bill pioneered many years ago. However, there is more to us than just being friendly.

We pursue success by combining our hands-on technique with an unyielding commitment to providing you with exceptional financial insight and focus to meet your needs.


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